A full time artist for several years, Linda has been drawing and painting since she was a child. When Linda was five her mother wrote in her baby book," I think my Linda is going to be an artist"! Influenced by her art teacher, who had a successful commercial art career, Linda went on to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and worked in the Fashion Illustration field before raising a family. "My favorite class at AIP, after my initial shock, was Figure Drawing. I have always been fascinated by faces and the human figure and being part of a weekly portrait group along with several grandchildren allows me a wide variety of subjects."

Linda is a linear artist, carefully laying out the composition whether the subject is human, animal, still life, or landscape. Her style is representational although her landscapes may lean toward impressionism, and her medium of choice is pastel. "I simply love the pastel medium and it is much more versatile than nonpastelists are lead to believe. Pastel is both a drawing and painting medium; it all depends on the application."

Linda is an active member of the Valley Art Association in Hagerstown, MD, The Maryland Pastel Association and the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association, or MAPAPA.

Linda's paintings are available for purchase at the Mansion House Art Gallery, Hagerstown, MD., and Linleigh Art Studio and Gallery in Waynesboro, PA. She gladly takes commissions and welcomes visitors to her studio and gallery.